When it's time to hire a construction company for your important building project, the one most significant trait to consider is whether the company is successful and enduring. For more than two decades, Vito Bavaro Construction Inc. has proven itself to be just that type of company. Having successfully served those in the food, nut, and transportation industry, we have focused our attention on commercial, industrial, and agricultural construction including but not limited to warehouse buildings, aviation hangars, and underground construction. As an innovative, established, and licensed company headquartered in Escalon, California, we understand the importance of choosing a company that gets the job done correctly, which is why we come highly recommended.

Having begun our business in 1991, Vito Bavaro Construction Inc. has evolved into an in-demand company. Believing fiercely in employing those that are highly skilled in workmanship and professional integrity, handling all aspects of major projects including project development, planning, designing, engineering, building, budgeting, scheduling, quality assurance, high safety standards, and much more. Besides the fact that our safety record is impeccable, we are a company that thrives on client satisfaction, we are here to meet your needs.

To assure you of our credibility, Vito Bavaro Construction Inc. has gained a reputation for superior workmanship that is second to none. Most important, our solid operating principles clearly highlight the expertise that Vito Bavaro Construction Inc. strives to maintain. If you are considering a new project and are seeking a dynamic construction company that can fulfill your expectations, we would like the opportunity to bid on your project and support your commercial, industrial, or agricultural construction needs.

Vito Bavaro Construction Inc. has been in business for 21 years, Incorporated for 8 years. Serving the food, nut, transportation, and aviation industry. Main services are warehouses, cold storage and freezers, almond shelling plants, site development, demolition and underground work.

Services and Areas of Expertise

Project development includes design, engineering, planning department, building permits, storm water plans and calculations. Steel building design and erection.

Reroof, insulate, and modify steel buildings.

Design and erect freezer, and cold storage buildings.

Design and erect sheller plant buildings, and fumigation chambers for almond and walnut industry.

Design and erect structural steel, aircraft hangars, office buildings, shop and maintenance facilities.

Concrete Work

Slabs, receiving pits with concrete pour in place walls 20' high, and tilt up concrete walls, truck docks, truck scales, concrete parking lots, block walls, low rise pan deck, tank slabs, and pier footings up to 20' deep.

Site Work

Excavation, dig with excavator to 32' deep, install pipe, excavate footings, drill to 20' deep, grade and compact for slabs and building pads, water for dust control, public water systems, septic systems.


Demo buildings, concrete slabs, underground pipeline, asphalt, large concrete reinforced footings.

Safety Record

No Losses Since Year 2003

Safety Awards 1996, 2001, 2004,2005,2006,2008


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Main Office
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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 41
Escalon, CA 95320
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Office Email
vito @velociter.net

B- General Building Contractor
A- General Engineering Contractor
Lic. #699683